Gusto Television The Fugitive Season 2 Episode 7

Over in the podcast section at you will find the latest podcast to follow along with our classic TV show from the 1960s, The Fugitive.  This episode was titled “Tug of War.”

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In this episode our man the fugitive, Dr. Richard Kimble, is calling himself Kelley and minding his own business in Cornell, Idaho when, dang it, he’s recognized in a post office.  The local fuzz, a Deputy Fallon, is hot on his tail and actually flying around in a helicopter looking for Kimble.  Our man Kimble heads for the wilderness, where he’s found and arrested by a one-man posse, Samuel.  This man Samuel has a rifle and a heart condition.

Soon Deputy Fallon crashes the party.  He and Samuel have a past, and it isn’t a good one.  Samuel is a disgraced former sheriff who made a deadly error in judgment.  Deputy Fallon is a vain young hotshot who was kicked out of his pilot job in the military and has something to prove.  Meanwhile, our man Kimble is still the same good fella trying to escape trouble, prove his innocence, and help others.

Not everybody’s going to make it in this one.  If you’ll listen to my podcast I’ll share the story with you.


Gusto Television The Fugitive Season 2 Episode 4, Episode 5, and Episode 6

We’re caught up!  You can now listen the latest episodes of the Gusto Television podcast to follow along with that classic 1960s TV Show The Fugitive.

Don’t forget my paid sponsor, Urban Taxi of Pensacola, Florida.  Remember, each podcast has a different new commercial for them within the first minute.  They’d like to say hi to you and bye to their long time driver D’Elvis Banks.  D’Elvis has left to take on a job as a public school bus driver for Pensacola’s newest charter school, a high school called The Trayvon Martin Preparatory Academy for Leadership Empowerment and Change Enablement.

You can click here for Season 2 Episode 4 which is titled “When the Bough Breaks.”  Our man the fugitive, Dr. Richard Kimble, is hoboing through North Dakota when he finds a damsel in distress.  It’s a young woman with a baby.  Turns out there’s a police dragnet set for her.  Kimble wants to do what he can to help her and the baby and avoid the cops at the same time.  It won’t be easy.  How does he do it?  Tune into my podcast to find out.

Here you’ll find Season 2 Episode 5 which is titled “Nemesis.”  Lt. Gerard is back, and he’s got his son, Phil Jr., who is portrayed by a very young Kurt Russell.  Kimble has to make a getaway by stealing a sheriff’s car of all things, and guess who’s inside hiding under a blanket?  It’s Phil Jr., Lt. Gerard’s son.  Kimble has to stay on the run while looking after Phil Jr. while the kid does everything he can to help Kimble get caught.  Later, Kimble and the boy have to deal with an outlaw portrayed by Slim Pickens.  How is Kimble going to avoid the growing number of cops and other characters after him in this episode?  If you’ll listen to my podcast I’ll tell you.

Last but not least, you can click here to get to Season 2 Episode 6 which is titled “Tiger Left, Tiger Right.”  There’s a kidnapper, portrayed by Leslie Nielsen, with a grudge looking to settle the score with a rich man he’s never met.  He kidnaps that fellow, or so he thinks.   Actually, he just gets that fellow’s gardener, our fugitive Kimble.  The kidnapper and his wife try to ransom Kimble.  The rich man calls the cops for help, and they quickly realize the kidnapped gardener is a wanted man, Kimble.  How is Kimble going to get out of this one?  You’ll find out when you listen to my podcast.

Gusto Television The Fugitive Season 2 Episode 1, Episode 2, and Episode 3

Thank you for not giving up on me.  Gusto Television, the podcast dedicated to that oldie but goodie TV show The Fugitive, is back.

My paid sponsor, Urban Taxi of Pensacola, Florida, is back, too.  They had been pulled off the roads due to some alleged environmental infractions.  If you ask me it was one big hullabaloo.  Who cares if Pensacola gets a wee bit more polluted?

Here is the first episode of season 2, “Man in a Chariot.”  The intro has changed, but the show hasn’t.  Our man the fugitive, Dr. Richard Kimble, is still running and hiding.  He meets a famous law school professor who thinks he can prove Kimble’s innocent.  The professor’s class does a mock trial of the case.  The professor plans to file a real life appeal for Kimble, but that will involve Kimble turning himself in.  The show ends with a commitment on Kimble’s part to keep searching for that one armed man.  Why not file the appeal?  If you listen to my podcast you’ll find out.

This is the second episode, “World’s End.”  Kimble sees a personal ad in a newspaper directed at him.  He calls who he thinks wrote it, Elly, the daughter of his defense attorney, portrayed by a very young Suzanne Pleshette.  Elly has hired a private detective to continue the search for that one armed man.  She and Kimble meet.  Their problem is someone else read that personal ad, too, and is on their trail.  It’s Lt. Gerard.  Kimble has to make a choice – fly off to Brazil to spend his life with Suzanne Pleshette or keep running and hiding in the USA looking for that one armed man.  What happens?  Listen to my podcast to find out.

You’ll find the third episode here.  It was titled “Man on a String.”  Our man Kimble is on the road again.  He meets a friendly young woman, Lucy, who needs help.  He helps her.  Turns out she needs more help.  Lucy becomes the only suspect in the murder of her married boyfriend.  Kimble knows she’s innocent because he was with her on the night of the killing.  A friendly deputy convinces Kimble to tell his story.  People don’t want to hear it.  Kimble is faced with exposure and capture if he sticks around to testify in court.  Will he do it, and will he get away?  Tune into my podcast and I’ll tell you.

Thank you again for visiting my blog and my site.

Gusto Television The Fugitive Season 1 Episode 30

Wow, we’ve reached the final episode of season 1 of our classic 1960s TV show The Fugitive.  Here is the podcast for it.  The episode was titled “The End Game.”

I wouldn’t be posting this without the support of my paid sponsor, Urban Taxi of Pensacola, Florida.  They’d like to say goodbye to their longtime driver, T’ameka Broadwell.  She’ll be taking another road to battle her own personal demons.  Long story short, T’ameka had one too many close encounters of the weird kind driving late night fares around Pensacola.

From the get go our man the fugitive, Dr. Richard Kimble, is in trouble.  He doesn’t know it at first, but cops have learned he’s in their city and have brought in the relentless Lt. Gerard.  Kimble ends up running and hiding and out-thinking them for a while.

Kimble ends up held hostage in a house owned by an odd couple.  One of them, Devlin, wants to turn Kimble into the cops.  The other man, Reed, believes in Kimble and wants to help him avoid the police dragnet.  Meanwhile cops are searching their neighborhood house to house.  Kimble can hide, but doesn’t seem to be able to run.

Is this the end?  Kimble’s got to get out of this if we’re going to have a season 2.  Tune into my podcast and I’ll fill you in on the details.  And, remember, if someone you love or care about is in Pensacola, Florida, then help them escape, too.

Guest Post by Jim Shorts – The Obama White House Celebrates July 4th

[This blog post was provided by the author Jim Shorts.  You can learn more about him and download his free ebook and white paper at]

July 4th is an important day for the Obama family.  It’s Malia’s birthday.  The unfortunate looking first daughter will be turning 16 this year.  She’ll be eligible for her drivers license as well as her own EBT card.

Previous July 4th celebrations at the Obama White House have been obscene and galling.  The 2010 birthday party sticks in my mind as one of the hardest events to stomach.  Earlier that summer there had been a national scandal about Arlington National Cemetery.  Under President Barack Obama the operation of the national treasure had sunken to a disgraceful level.  Bodies were being buried one atop another and the wrong markers were being placed on graves.

Marian “Mother” Robinson had asked, or axed, Malia what she wanted for her birthday.  She wanted to go off-roading.  Some pickup trucks were made available from the White House motor pool, but Malia said she wanted dirt bikes instead.  As for a suitable place Marian Robinson said the best place would be that big park across from the Lincoln Monument.  She meant Arlington.

We transported the First Family and some motocross bikes to the cemetery.  Immediately there was a problem.  Michelle Obama could not sit comfortably on the bike.  The seat was too narrow for her behind.  Tony, one of the mechanics, had to take a bucket seat out of his own car, an old Datsun 240 Z, and install it on one of the bikes.

Keep in mind it’s hot as hell in D.C. in July.  I was sweating a lot and it really tickled my scalp. That particular year we thought Sasha had head lice again.  I know it was my nerves, but I just kept itching and scratching and thinking what if something was crawling on me.

As for the birthday girl and her family they spent the afternoon jumping tombstones, tearing up grass, and racing each other across the cemetery.  All except for Marian Robinson, who kept remarking how the cemetery was too big, was a bunch of wasted space, and there just couldn’t be that many “impo’tant” people in American history.

Malia’s older now.  Her interests have changed.  I think she may spend her birthday with her mother and father enjoying a private show of the male revue Thunder from Down Under.  Malia doesn’t have real friends, but Mrs. Obama can always order some of the Secret Service or Capitol Police to pal around with her.

As for the holiday aspect of July 4th the family may catch a fireworks show, but they’re not really big on celebrating America.  Barack only goes along with such things after he’s spent a while in his hydroponic grow room.  Otherwise, he can’t be bothered, and prefers to spend his off days Facebooking or visiting public restrooms.

Gusto Television The Fugitive Season 1 Episode 29

Hey there.  Here’s another podcast dedicated to our classic 1960s TV show The Fugitive.  This one was titled “Storm Center.”

As always, Urban Taxi of Pensacola, Florida is responsible for bringing you this podcast.  It’s free to you because they’re paying for it.  Urban Taxi likes to spend their money on worthwhile things that benefit the good people.  They’d never piss their money away on school supplies for ghetto kids or donations to the Trayvon Martin memorial park bench outside Pensacola City Hall.

Well, this time around our man the fugitive, Dr. Richard Kimble, is in Florida working at a marina.  From the get go he’s got a problem.  There’s a storm blowing in, a hurricane.  But, his immediate problem is Marcie.  She’s a real dame.  She’s a former patient of his.  She recognizes him, and he knows it.

Marcie forces Kimble to take her and her swindler boyfriend to her hideaway on a nearby island.  Unfortunately, Marcie’s boyfriend is swept overboard and lost at sea.  She spends the rest of the show manipulating Kimble, then falls in love with him.  Too bad she radioed the Coast Guard and told them where this dangerous fugitive was.

Will Kimble survive Marcie?  Will Kimble survive the hurricane?  Finally, will Kimble be able to outwit some meathead dimwit Florida lawmen?  Tune into my podcast and I’ll fill you in.

Guest Post by Jim Shorts – Barack Obama, Circus Bear on the Loose

[This blog post was provided by the author Jim Shorts.  You can learn more about him and download his free ebook and white paper at]

Recently the President gave a very rehearsed, very scripted performance in Minnesota.  For a misleading account of it you can read this Yahoo! News article.  The media are reporting it as Mr. Obama spending some quality time with a typical middle class American who needs help.  Mrs. Obama is no doubt joking about it saying that Barack had a lunch date with a new gal pal.  Rest assured, though, that candidate Obama’s campaign advisers called the shots and ran the show.

Where did they come up with the idea?  From Barack Obama’s own personal life.  Barack Obama has been trying to spend more time with other American families, and less time with his own family, since he was elected President.  I’ve been told he was doing this kind of stuff even before he was elected to the U.S. Senate, but I am only going to recount to you what I have personal knowledge of.

Back in 2010 Mr. Obama had a spontaneous meet and greet when he made an unscheduled, unpublicized trip to Mobile, Alabama.  He stopped at a Chuck E. Cheese.  Inside he met Benita Brown, an unmarried mother of 4.  One of her kids was having its birthday party there.  The President spent the entire afternoon with her group and kept hanging around even when it had become obvious that he’d since stopped being interesting and was just a nuisance.

In 2011 the President was in El Paso, Texas at a Hispanic community center.  He met a family there who were volunteering helping new immigrants get settled.  He was his usual chatty self and stayed for most of the day.  We could tell he was distracting people and preventing them from getting their work done, but he was oblivious.  At one point he offered the use of his motorcade to help some of their family members still in Mexico to, as he said it, “get across that big desert.”  Mrs. Gutierrez, who ran the community center, explained there was no desert outside El Paso to worry about as it was much easier for her people to just walk over the pedestrian bridge from Juarez.

Barack Obama has travelled more than any other President.  Why?  To get away from his family.  Can you blame him?  Michelle is like a pack of dogs.  When Barack started referring to himself as a bear all many of us could think of was bear baiting.  You can tell he’s got some kind of PTSD from being married to Michelle.  And his daughters, those faces are like side show freaks.  Add to that Marian “Mother” Robinson living with them and it’s understandable why the President wants to run away from home.  It’s understandable why that bear wants to escape that circus.

(Note:  “Bear” is not the Secret Service code name for President Obama.  Traditionally it has been “POTUS.”  Barack Obama’s code name is “bottom boy.”)

Gusto Television The Fugitive Season 1 Episode 28

Here’s the latest episode of our podcast dedicated to the classic 1960s TV show The Fugitive.  This one was titled “The Homecoming.”

This podcast wouldn’t be the same without my paid sponsor, Urban Taxi of Pensacola, Florida.  They want to remind you that they are the only cab company along the Gulf Coast with a low-rider vehicle as part of their fleet.  If that’s what you want to be picked up in, when you call Urban be sure to ask for La’Darius to be your driver.

Well, this week finds our man the fugitive, Dr. Richard Kimble, working on an estate in south Georgia.  He’s calling himself David Benton.  It’s a lovely property, but the man that owns it has a new addition to his property, a new wife to be exact, that has some issues.  When the man’s adult daughter comes home from a long stay at a sanitarium the new wife is jealous.

Our man Kimble, as usual, gets caught in the middle trying to help.  The new wife is making it seem like the daughter is having another nervous breakdown.  While trying to be a good guy, Kimble pisses off the small town sheriff.

How will Kimble help this family?  How will he keep a healthy, sane, innocent young woman from being locked up in an asylum?  And, how will he avoid being locked up in a hick town jail and only eating beans and cornbread for a month?  Listen to my podcast and I’ll tell you.


Gusto Television The Fugitive Season 1 Episode 27

Yikes, where did the time go?  Finally, I’ve uploaded the latest podcast devoted to our classic 1960s TV show The Fugitive.  You’ll find the podcast at  The title of this week’s show as “Never Stop Running.”

Once again, Gusto Television is free to you thanks to Urban Taxi of Pensacola, Florida.  Half of their drivers speak a little bit of Spanish, and most of them speak standard (White people) English or at least understand it.  So, the odds are in your favor they’ll get you to your destination without too much confusion.

This time around our man the fugitive, Dr. Richard Kimble, is only referred to as Doc.  He’s headed out of town after working at a migrant farm camp where he picked up the nickname Doc.  A couple stop him and ask for his help.  They say they’ve got a sick kid.

That turns out to be an understatement.  The kid is a hemophiliac they are holding for ransom.  Their accomplice, portrayed by the actor Claude Akins, is a disgraced former pro football player who got banned from the sport for fixing games for gamblers.

The little boy is a bleeder and he’s got some bad bruising.  He needs to be in a hospital.  The kidnappers won’t turn him loose until they get their $200,000.  They won’t let Kimble go, either.

How is Kimble going to help the kid and get the kid, and himself, out of this mess?  Tune into my podcast and I’ll tell you.

Guest Post by Jim Shorts – Will Michelle Obama Be the First First Lady Arrested in the White House

[This blog post was provided by the author Jim Shorts.  You can learn more about him and download his free ebook and white paper at]

The Obama White House is a powder keg of emotion.  I’m seriously wondering if Michelle is going to assault her husband and get arrested for domestic violence.  It ain’t the strain or stresses of the office.  Barack’s never taken a job seriously and isn’t reading his wife’s signals.  Instead, blame Father’s Day and gift giving.

You have to see, hear, and smell Michelle in person to get the real sense of just how petty and jealous she is.  Michelle Obama resents Father’s Day.  As a single mom she sees no reason for it, and having to give anything to Barack for any reason just galls her.

Besides, she’s jealous of her husband’s relationship with his daughters.  In 2012 the girls got their father what Michelle thought was a joke – a one year paid membership to  Barack spent a lot more time using that than he did her gift – her new book about gardening called “American Grown.”  We could all tell she was pissed off.

Last year Mrs. Obama thought she’d gotten her husband the perfect Father’s Day gift and the ultimate gag gift.  Michelle hired a Mexican mariachi band for the entire day just to follow Barack around and break into loud music when other people entered his presence.  After about two loud, raucous hours the family had had enough and the mariachis were dismissed.

But that wasn’t the end of it.  Several times since then Mrs. Obama has caught her husband texting and facebooking with Perez, one of the Mexican band members.  Barack has tried to assure his wife they’re just amigos, but she’s very suspicious.

Mrs. Obama also resents most of the Mother’s Day gifts her husband has given her.  In 2009 he gave her an Epilady.  In 2010 he gave her a gift certificate for electrolysis.  And, in 2012 he gave her a gift certificate for a laser hair removal clinic in the Dominican Republic.  Michelle had at first blamed one of Barack’s White House interns, a white girl, for the poor choice of gift, but after the third gift she realized her husband was trying to tell her something.

So, this Sunday, or any other day after that until mid-January, 2017 could make history in the White House.  Will the First Lady be arrested for domestic violence?  Will Mrs. Obama bitch slap her bitch husband?  Will shrugs and rolled eyes be followed by thrown vases?  Will she attack him at the dinner table with a turkey leg?  One of these days Barack is going to have to deal with a very up close and personal violent First Lady, and she may find herself needing a bail bondsman.